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On October 31, 2022, the State Grid Zhejiang Lishui Jinyun Shuiguang Hydrogen demonstration project was put into operation. This project is the first rural ecological hydrogen energy demonstration project in China. Enwise provided the digestion module for a power to gas project. This project uses the biogas of digester produced to store clean electricity through a methanation process.

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Jinyun County, where the project is located, has lots of biomass resources, and is known as the "Hometown of Rice Seeds" and "Hometown of Hemp Ducks" in China. A large amount of discarded rice straw, duck manure and kitchen waste generated by the catering in the country house are converted into biogas through the dry anaerobic digestion technology of Enwise. Biogas is purified into green natural gas through the methanation process, and the stored natural gas can be used as civil gas, industrial fuel and other energy uses.

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"The biogas produced by traditional digestion process in the past, we can only accounted methane as effective energy sources at a percentage around 55%, and the rest was mostly carbon dioxide. The project uses the China's first biogas hydromethanation equipment to realize hydrogen to react with carbon dioxide in biogas to generate methane, the biogas can be purified to more than 95%.” said the project manager.

It is reported that this project is one of the key scenarios of the State Grid Corporation's new power system technology research plan for the Zhejiang Lishui Global Zero-Carbon Energy Internet Comprehensive Demonstration Project. The integrated system uses proton exchange membrane technology to produce green hydrogen. In this process, the local surplus hydropower, photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources are used as "power sources" for local consumption. Part of the generated hydrogen can be used for transportation and industry, and the rest is used to capture carbon dioxide in biogas unit to further purify to the natural gas. At the same time, the produced green natural gas is transported to surrounding farmers through the pipeline network to realize the closing loop of waste.

The project is expected to produce 180,000 Nm3 of hydrogen per year, which can provide hydrogen fuel to hydrogen vehicle to run 1.6 million kilometers. It can produce 20,000 Nm3 of green natual gas every year, meeting the needs of 100 rural households for a whole year.

Green electricity, green hydrogen, green natural gas, a diverse srouces of green energy supply help surrounding villagers to use clean electricity and natural gas at an affordable price. Enwise is honored to be part of China's first rural hydrogen demonstation project, we empower the race to zero carbon by providing innovative green energy technology and data solutions.