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Enwise won 2nd place in Shanghai Green and Low-Carbon Technology Innovation Competition

On May 20th, the finals and awards ceremony of the first shanghai green technology innovation competition was held at the Conference Center of Dalinghaowa in Shanghai. This competition has involved Shenergy, Shanghai Electric, Schneider, PepsiCo and many other world leading groups, colleges and universities, and technology start-ups.

Li Zhuoya, the co-founder of Enwise, presented Enwise dry anaerobic digestion technologyand the turn-key renewable energy solutions provided to customers in the food industry to the judges of the finals. In the end, Enwise won the second prize of this competition with its market-leading high-efficiency renewable clean energy technology and a number of impressive use cases.

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The original intention of the competition is to build a platform for industry-university-research integration in the green and low-carbon field, to create a better development path for start-ups, to create paths for their needs at different stages of development, and to promote cooperation and cooperation between matching supply and demand sides. Communication, guided by market demand, truly promotes technological innovation in the field of green and low carbon.

Leading companies in various industries such as PepsiCo, Shenergy, Shanghai Electric, Schneider and many other enterprise groups also hope to find start-ups that are suitable for their group's future development strategy to carry out open innovation through this platform.

In this competition, PepsiCo won the "Excellent Green and Low-Carbon Demonstration Case" thanks to the biogas project constructed and operated by Enwise in its Wuhan factory.

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PepsiCo’s Wuhan plant converts potato peels, kitchen waste, and sludge generated during production into biogas through Enwise's dry anaerobic process. During digestion process, the renewable energy generated brings economic benefit, which can be described as "killing two birds with one stone".

PepsiCo has also been pioneer in food industry in the field of open innovation. In March 2023, PepsiCo announced the launch of the "Greenhouse Accelerator Program" in the Asia-Pacific region, which is dedicated to collaborating with and supporting entrepreneurs who develop innovative solutions for the circular economy. Innovative solutions will revolve around sustainable packaging and ameliorating climate change.

Enwise dry anaerobic fermentation technology processes organic waste on site to generate clean and renewable energy, realizing a rapid carbon cycle. Enwise technology reduces carbon emissions in the chain of waste transfer and end-of-life disposal, and is also of positive significance in improving climate change. We will continue to focus on customers in the food industry and provide food processing plants with a complete solution for the recycling of organic waste.

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