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Enwise won the 3rd place in

China Sihong "Great Lake Talent Cup" Startup competition

26th October 2020, China Sihong "Great Lake Talent Cup" 2020 Startup Competition Finals and Investment Environment Briefing Meeting was held in Sihong County, 15 startup talents from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hefei and other places take the stage to promote their own entrepreneurial projects, involving medical technology, solar energy, cloud control intelligence and other fields. During the event, Secretary of the County Party Committee Li Aihua gave a cordial speech and welcomed the arrival of the 15 contestants. Li Aihua said that talents are the first resource and innovation is the first driving force.

In order to attract a group of technological enterprises that are in line with the industrial positioning and development of Sihong County to settle in Sihong, Sihong County Government launched China Sihong in June this year. In the "Great Lakes Talent Cup" semj finals competitions were set up in Shanghai, Hefei, Suzhou and other places.

Two founders of Enwise, Dr. Stephane and Ms. Li Zhuoya, introduced the dry anaerobic fermentation technology and equipment use cases to the juries during the final (photos on the right.). Sihong County, as a large agricultural breeding county, can use this technology in the field of agricultural and animal husbandry to realize the reuse of resources such as animal manure and agricultural waste, and create considerable economic benefits of green energy. At the same time, Enwise technology can also provide full-process solutions for food organic by-products for large food processing companies such as the food processing industry.

After more than 3 hours of roadshow, Enwise won the third prize of the "Great Lakes Cup of Excellence" 2020 Startup Competition. And won the honorary trophy and 2 millions RMB from Sihong governement venture capital fund.

Enwise appreciates a lot the Sihong County Government for the various investment and subvention policies and look forward to creating the future and win-win business opportunities with Sihong County!

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