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Innovating for a Better World

28 May 2021, Once a year, CCI FRANCE CHINE Shanghai organizes its Gala dinner, a unique occasion to meet the Elites from the French and Chinese business community in the most exclusive atmosphere.

In 2021, CCI decided to put awareness on "Innovating for a Better World".

This edition brought together up to 800 people from all industries within the French and Chinese business community, in presence of Officials, Executives and Media.Under the joint promotion of CCI, every breakthrough innovative technology launched by various companies of the Chamber of Commerce has driven the rapid progress of related industries, and its results have been transformed into actual productivity.

Stéphane Vernède, the founder and CEO of ENWISE was honored to receive the "Sustainable Innovation Trophy" from CCI France. Enwise has developed a high efficiency dry AD system for generating affordable clean energy from organic waste. With this innovative solution, Enwise helps his customers to reduce significantly carbon emission to the earth.

Biogas is a clean and renewable source of energy, generating zero net carbon dioxide emissions. OSCAR extracts methane from organic waste, releasing energy by combusting or oxidizing it into carbon dioxide. Methane is a very potent greenhouse gas, trapping over 20 times as much heat as carbon dioxide. As such, by producing biogas instead of letting the waste degrade in an open environment, we reduce direct methane emissions into the atmosphere. Enwise will always pay attention to the environmental protection of the earth, commit to sustainable development of innovative clean energy technology, and continue to innovate for a better world.

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