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New market, new vision

From August 13th to 15th, 2020, the 21st China Environment Expo (IE Expo) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the most influential and highest quality environmental technology exchange event in Asia, Enwise presented its dry anaerobic digestion equipment to the exhibition to the visitors. This small containerized dry anaerobic equipment has received extensive attention and recognition from professional audiences during the exhibition.

This year's World Expo has had many twists and turns. Due to the COVID19 situation at the beginning of the year, the exhibition date of the World Expo has been rescheduled twice. From July 1st 2019, Shanghai has officially implemented the National Waste Classification Regulations, a lot of wet waste treatment equipment for waste reduction and resource utilization have poped up in this market. This year, there were more than 30 food waste treatment equipment manufacturers participated in this exhibition.

However, the industry has not yet formed a mainstream process route, and other technical routes different from mainstream aerobic composting equipment have gradually attracted the attention of professional audiences. Enwise has started to process kitchen waste on site since 2016, and flexibly use different energy output solutions (hot water, electricity, biogas) through multiple project sites such as commercial shopping malls, corporate canteens, and technology park restaurants to help customers to create green energy in their sites.

In fact, not only the municipal waste, the agricultural waste such as animals manure, agricultural straw and other agricultural solid waste produced in the agricultural market has huge demands of on-site processing technology. From September 1, 2020, the newly revised "Solid Waste Law" will be officially implemented, clarifying that the prevention and control of solid waste pollution will adhere to the principles of reduction, recycling and harmlessness. Improve the prevention and control system of agricultural solid waste and other environmental pollution.

At the same time, Enwise found that the food industry has also strong demand for on-site solid waste reduction and renewable energy. Enwise has received some customers from the food processing industry during the exhibition, they are also looking for new turn-key solutions for their waste such as organic by-products, sludge and food waste. Enwise can help companies reduce transportation and disposal costs, and provide flexible renewable energy supply devices. From the perspective of sustainable development, it has been favored by many Chinese and foreign food processing companies.

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