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Searching for sustainability

As the world works to hit increasingly tough climate targets by the end of the decade, the need for sustainability in all business practices has never been greater. The Agenda, CGTN Europe’s one stop shop for smart-in-depth discussion and lively interviews with expert guests. The Agenda debates the issues that really matter in the world today, as well as unpacking the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. From CGTN European headquarters in London, Juliet the presenter interviews the CEOs of global brands, big thinkers, commentators, activists, and writers to get answers to the questions the whole world is discussing.

One of the company’s leading the way in one of the world’s most polluting sectors – agriculture – is fertilizer giant Yara International. At the recent World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, The Agenda’s Juliet Mann spoke to the company’s CEO, Svein Tore Holsether to find out just how it’s working to drive sustainability across the world. That, of course, includes China – from where Juliet also speaks to Stéphane Vernède, CEO & Co-founder of Enwise, an award-winning Chinese tech start up helping in the race to net-zero by converting organic waste into clean energy.

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Stephane introduced how ENWISE's core technology converts waste into clean energy, and how our technology empowers industry leaders such as the food processing industry and China State Grid to help them accelerate their goal of carbon neutrality. Enterprises that use ENWISE technology to realize waste recycling are "innovators" in their respective industries. These innovators are willing to try new technologies, and not afraid of taking risks. Thanks to them, innovative technologies can spread out quickly. Sustainable development, carbon neutral goals, these terms should not be just slogans. More companies have set up clear action plans for this purpose. In the long run, only clean and renewable energy is the booster to promote business.

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Juliet the presenter and Stephane also discussed about the use case of Enwise food industry customer, the demonstration projec of China State Grid. For start-ups like ENWISE, Stephane also shared his advices to other aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start something like Enwise: learn by working, entrepreneurs will learn from problems and failures encountered, and continue to improve their technology and products. At the upcoming 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Stephane looking forward to see more regulations and laws put into place by country leaders, in order to boost the transition to green future.

Watch the full episode of the Agenda video below, Stephane's interview starts from 18m30s: