January 09 2020 -  IoT & Oragnic Waste speech at Swissnex China


Looking back at 2019, it was a fruitful year for Enwise, a year with achievements on the user cases development, competitions, events, fund raising and new self-owned factory openend in Shanghai. Enwise will keep exploring new opportunities in waste management value chain in 2020, and providing a complete service package to our customers.

On January 9th, Stéphane Vernède, CEO at Enwise, was invited by Swissnex China, to share the mechanism and science behind modular digester for organic waste. Specifically, dry anaerobic digestion technology OSCAR, and a real time IoT monitoring and control technology OTTO. Enwise produces modular and connected organic waste digester for the food industry and the food distribution chain. The Oscar module transforms waste into energy and fertilizer. Oscar is installed on the waste production site and is entirely remote managed. By pushing waste treatment on the production site, Enwise allows an on-the-fly sorting and create short loops for energy usage. This dramatically increase the overhaul recycling efficiency. Just recently, Enwise has been awarded first place at the APAC French Founders Startup Tour 2019, beating other finalist startups, NEOMA, Dathena and Smart Global Privacy.

A big thanks to Swissnex China, for providing such great opporutnity and platform to Enwise. Swissnex is the Science Consulate of Switzerland for China, which builds bridges by connecting Switzerland and China in education, research and innovation. By crossing conventional boundaries, we offer a platform to foster collaboration and creativity for inspiring research and ground-breaking innovation. swissnex is the Swiss global network connecting the dots in education, research, and innovation. Its mission is to support the outreach and active engagement of its partners in the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent.


November 25 2019 -  "We manage your waste!"


 "New Challenge, New Opportunity" , a smart city solid waste management seminar has been jointly held by Suez NWS Group and Aden Group in Shanghai on 25 November. 2019.  The seminar has invited representatives from  municiap solid waste management policy development and regulatory,  municipal research institute, and leading technology experts sharing their insights in solid waste management.

Dr. Stephane Vernede, CEO of Enwise, as an industry expert in the solid waste treatment, was invited to attend this seminar and shared with the guests the latest generation of anaeorbic digestions equipement which is able to turn oragnic waste to energy.

This footprint, plug&play waste mangement equipement, will turn organic waste into clean energy (hot/cold water, steam, electricity or biogas) through dry anaerobic digestion process. And client can gain 4% solid fertilizer with reduction of initial volume up to 96%.  Enwise provides customized solid waste management solutions according to the difficulties and requirements encounted in various industries, from concept planning, professional on-site assessment to installation and operation support.


July 6 2019 - Enwise had the great honor to launch our product OSCAR and sign several key agreement. 

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On July 6 2019, Enwise has launched new anaerobic digestion system OSCAR, and signed several key agreements with strategic partners during the product launch ceremony, including:
-    The integration of Enwise at the Lingang incubator at Baoshan District in Shanghai
-    A strategic cooperation agreement with Suez NWS
-    An investment agreement with CM venture
-    A strategic cooperation agreement with Guofu Hydrogen Energy

Prestigious guests participated to the product launch: FAN Shaoju, Major of Baoshan; LU Jigang, Head of the commission of reform and development of Baoshan; SHI Yonggen, Head of the Landscaping and city appearance bureau of Baoshan, ZHANG Huibing, Head of the communist party of Gaojing town, LENG Weiwei, Vice major of Gaojing town, Francois JENNY Business line director, municipal and industrial waste, Suez Recycling and Recovery, ZHOU Min, General manager at CM venture, Patrick BERBON, Managing partner at CM venture, François AMMAN, Co-president and co-founder at Aden Services, Nicolas CLEMENT, Member of the Board, CCI France Chine, HUANG jing, Head of the Linggang municipal incubator, SU Qingguo, Vice Head of the Linggang municipal incubator, WANG Kai, Director of Guofu hydrogen, GUO Guangming, Vice head of commercial bureau of Haimen city.

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China is entering the era of waste sorting and the need for organic waste processing is stronger as ever.  With those strong partners, we offer a complete solution to this new challenge.

We would like to thank all the participants to the ceremony, Enwise team, customers, partners, suppliers and friends for their support. We are building Enwise together.

Enwise deploys efficient organic recycling solutions, leveraging local operations and data insights in order to fullfil the company's vision of making biogas technology a commodity.

March 11 2019 - Enwise and Auchan partnered to host École Polytechnique for a site visit, to discover "The Future of Retail".