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    As the world works to hit increasingly tough climate targets by the end of the decade, the need for sustainability in all business practices has never been greater. The Agenda, CGTN Europe’s one stop shop for smart-in-depth discussion and lively interviews with expert guests. The Agenda debates the issues that really matter in the world today, as well as unpacking the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. From CGTN European headquarters in London, Juliet the presenter interviews the CEOs of global brands, big thinkers, commentators, activists, and writers to get answers to the questions the whole world is discussing.

    One of the company’s leading the way in one of the world’s most polluting sectors – agriculture – is fertilizer giant Yara International. At the recent World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, The Agenda’s Juliet Mann spoke to the company’s CEO, Svein Tore Holsether to find out just how it’s working to drive sustainability across the world. That, of course, includes China – from where Juliet also speaks to Stéphane Vernède, CEO & Co-founder of Enwise, an award-winning Chinese tech start up helping in the race to net-zero by converting organic waste into clean energy.

    Stephane introduced how ENWISE's core technology converts waste into clean energy, and how our technology empowers industry leaders such as the food processing industry and China State Grid to help them accelerate their goal of carbon neutrality. Enterprises that use ENWISE technology to realize waste recycling are "innovators" in their respective industries. These innovators are willing to try new technologies, and not afraid of taking risks. Thanks to them, innovative technologies can spread out quickly. Sustainable development, carbon neutral goals, these terms should not be just slogans. More companies have set up clear action plans for this purpose. In the long run, only clean and renewable energy is the booster to promote business.

    Juliet the presenter and Stephane also discussed about the use case of Enwise food industry customer, the demonstration projec of China State Grid. For start-ups like ENWISE, Stephane also shared his advices to other aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start something like Enwise: learn by working, entrepreneurs will learn from problems and failures encountered, and continue to improve their technology and products. At the upcoming 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Stephane looking forward to see more regulations and laws put into place by country leaders, in order to boost the transition to green future.

    Watch the full episode of the Agenda video below, Stephane's interview starts from 18m30s:

    Enwise listed in 2022 East Asia Climate Tech 100

    Enwise has been selected as part of the 2022 East Asia Climate Tech 100, an annual list of the most promising Climate Tech startups from East Asia, including China, Japan, Korea & Taiwan.

    HolonIQ is the world's leading platform for impact market intelligence, powering decisions that matter in climate, education and healthcare. We are proud to power forward-thinking governments, institutions, technology companies, global firms and investors around the world with data, insights, ideas and connections to shape the global impact economy.

    Startups like Enwise, now is playing a critical role of a global movement to deliver innovation across the Climate Tech landscape, building toward a more inclusive and sustainable future. Thanks to HolonIQ for the recognition!

    Enwise project x China State Grid

    On October 31, 2022, the State Grid Zhejiang Lishui Jinyun Shuiguang Hydrogen demonstration project was put into operation. This project is the first rural ecological hydrogen energy demonstration project in China. Enwise provided the digestion module for a power to gas project. This project uses the biogas of digester produced to store clean electricity through a methanation process.

    Jinyun County, where the project is located, has lots of biomass resources, and is known as the "Hometown of Rice Seeds" and "Hometown of Hemp Ducks" in China. A large amount of discarded rice straw, duck manure and kitchen waste generated by the catering in the country house are converted into biogas through the dry anaerobic digestion technology of Enwise. Biogas is purified into green natural gas through the methanation process, and the stored natural gas can be used as civil gas, industrial fuel and other energy uses.

    "The biogas produced by traditional digestion process in the past, we can only accounted methane as effective energy sources at a percentage around 55%, and the rest was mostly carbon dioxide. The project uses the China's first biogas hydromethanation equipment to realize hydrogen to react with carbon dioxide in biogas to generate methane, the biogas can be purified to more than 95%.” said the project manager.

    It is reported that this project is one of the key scenarios of the State Grid Corporation's new power system technology research plan for the Zhejiang Lishui Global Zero-Carbon Energy Internet Comprehensive Demonstration Project. The integrated system uses proton exchange membrane technology to produce green hydrogen. In this process, the local surplus hydropower, photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources are used as "power sources" for local consumption. Part of the generated hydrogen can be used for transportation and industry, and the rest is used to capture carbon dioxide in biogas unit to further purify to the natural gas. At the same time, the produced green natural gas is transported to surrounding farmers through the pipeline network to realize the closing loop of waste.

    The project is expected to produce 180,000 Nm3 of hydrogen per year, which can provide hydrogen fuel to hydrogen vehicle to run 1.6 million kilometers. It can produce 20,000 Nm3 of green natual gas every year, meeting the needs of 100 rural households for a whole year.  



    Green electricity, green hydrogen, green natural gas, a diverse srouces of green energy supply help surrounding villagers to use clean electricity and natural gas at an affordable price. Enwise is honored to be part of China's first rural hydrogen demonstation project, we empower the race to zero carbon by providing innovative green energy technology and data solutions.

    She Loves Tech China Winner - ENWISE

    The co-founder of Enwise, Zhuoya LI just won the She Loves Tech Champion in China - Mainland round! We are so excited to represent China - Mainland in the global stage and meet with fellow winners of the She Loves Tech 2022 Global Startup Competition.

    She Loves Tech(SLT) is a global platform that is committed to closing the funding gap for women entrepreneurs.SLT runs the world’s largest startup competition for women and technology. It seeks out and accelerate the best entrepreneurs and technology for transformative impact.

    She Loves Tech provides the much-needed global platform and a stage for entrepreneurs like Enwise, who has a female founder to showcase, equipping them with skills and resources to take their business to the next level.

    Zhuoya, as a women founder, experienced challenges and difficulties thourh this journey. Zhuoya has so many to share, and She Loves Tech provides such great platform that enable women entrepreneurs to stand on the stage and tell their stories.

    Enwise was shortlisted as one of the 10 finalists in the China-mainland round. Zhuoya showcase our project "Race to zero", what we are doing for a better world. Enwise technology turns waste into green energy. In 2022, Enwise successfully deliver several projects on time despite this complex epidemic period. Most importantly, we build and operate a flagship project in a potato chip plant in Wuhan, China. This project treats 30 tons of sludge and potatoes peelings every day, generates 6,500 kWh of green electricity, and replaces 20% of factory's current daily consumption.

    Thanks to all these great projects in place, Enwise has been selected as winner in China mainland local round and as winner of China, will then move into the global phase of the global final.

    She Loves Tech arranges bootcamp brings together industry professionals and experts to deliver top notch education and training for She Loves Tech Global Finalists. Enwise has honor to have chance to gain new insights and connect with Dr. Yanming CHEN, and connect with fellow cohorts from the She Loves Tech 2022 Global Finalists.

    The global bootcamp is just awsome, Enwise participates in tematic workshop encompassing topics such as Founder’s psychology, Legal workshop, Investment knowledge to name a few and join in mentoring clinics with world class mentors to take our business to the next level!

    This is not only a competition, She Loves Tech is a community that gathers all wonderful, amazing women entrepreneurs together, to make world better. Thank you She Loves Tech, for providing such great community.

    If you thinkthat shifting to green energy is important for a better world, please vote for us! 

    Visit below link and cheer up for Zhuoya in the global final on November 5th!

    Click to book your seats in She Loves Tech global final

    We have Oatly inside!

    Oatly, a world leading oat-based products company who offers a variety of oat products from milk to ice cream. They are a sustainability company, and aim to drive a systemic shift in society—in the ways people eat, food is produced, and the planet is treated—where people can make small changes, like switching to plant-based foods, that improve their lives and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. These small actions can be multiplied to create a plant-based movement.

    Enwise, a renewable energy technology company who helps companies to achieve their sustainable goals. We empower our customers from the food industry to reach carbon neutrality. With them we study how waste can be turned into clean energy for the factory and provide the technology to reach their goals. This is a very fulfilling job, and we hope we can have a long-term impact for a sustainable industry.

    That's why Oatly met Enwise, and we are now together for an exciting study to make Oatly's oat residue and sludges into renewable energy!

    Click below video to discover more about the amazing things we do :)

    OATLY has always been committed to reducing the burden on the earth. We are working with OATLY on converting oat residue and sludge into renewable energy for their factory. Our goal is to further reduce carbon footprint, moving toward tasty, nutritious and carbon neutral milk.

    To learn more about Oatly's sustainable plan, visit their website: Oatly's sustainable plan

    Science, Serendipity, and Bacterial Decomposition | Stéphane Vernède

    A big thanks to YGT and the author Royce Shey, Original article posted on LinkedIn.

    To some degree, Stéphane Vernède is a magician.
    The core technology behind ENWISE, a company he founded in 2012, uses bacterial decomposition to transform organic waste into fertilizer and methane that can be used to generate electricity. One man’s waste is another man’s intellectual property.
    This French born and Europe trained scientist arrived in China over ten years ago to pursue business success and raise his kids. Moreover, he is forging his team, consisting of people with different nationalities, cultures and personalities, to create a company with both efficiency and camaraderie.
    So far so good. Enwise has received numerous awards and grants, even being recognized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization for its efficient energy generation capabilities. Enwise won the YGT’s highest award, the YGT 2021 Winners.

    Born and raised in France, neither Stephane’s passion nor natural knack for science has faded; simply put, he is a genius geek. From his hometown to the halls of France’s and Switzerland’s top universities, Stephane’s life reveals a consistent devotion to and unparalleled passion for science. At Centrale, one of France’s top universities, he concurrently obtained two Master’s degrees in Materials Science and Applied Physics within three years. Then, Stephane attended the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, globally ranked 14th, where he received his phD in Materials Science.
    After academia, Stephane worked in the aluminum industry as a research engineer before he and his wife Li Zhuoya moved to China. The two discussed the possibility of creating a startup in the aluminum industry, however, the field’s heavy capital expenditure forced them to pivot. Then, a friend working in France’s anaerobic digestion industry approached them about the prospect of taking the French business model and bringing it to China. However, it turned out to be unsuccessful. The company required large, centralized plants that entailed bureaucratic overhead and regulatory hurdles that hampered development. Plus, the market wasn’t ready for this type of product.
    This hurdle sparked inspiration. Stephane became convinced that methane would become the future of clean energy storage. Stephane began work as the energy manager for a company providing energy efficiency management services for China’s largest foreign retailer. At the time, companies needed to ship organic biomass to anaerobic digestion facilities where it would be converted to energy, and then the energy would be sent to a third facility to be used. Stephane came up with the idea of creating a digester that could convert biomass into energy onsite.
    Enter OSCAR, Enwise’s modular anaerobic digestion system, what looks to be a series of metal tanks, generators, boxes connected by piping is Enwise’s inspiration product and the culmination of Stephane’s science journey. Inside the industrial-looking contraption is a modularly designed and simplified ecosystem that brings in undigested biomass, introduces it to decomposers, and tanks to store the final products. Inconspicuously attachable to the side of a building, its modular design allows Enwise to tailor OSCAR to each customer’s needs. The machine is also equipped with an IoT monitoring platform that allows users to supervise the system and control it remotely.

    Innovative technology requires the right team to bring it into fruition. Enwise is made up of an assortment of East and West. This dichotomy proves both challenging and beneficial to Stephane.

    According to Stephane, Westerners are afraid of making mistakes. They double-check and triple-check each step of the process, putting out fires and identifying problems as they arise. This scrutiny on the minutia makes project progression slower. Inversely, Chinese culture tends to be less detail-oriented and emphasizes getting stuff done, making mistakes is inevitable and necessary to keep things moving. Sometimes, this means you must go back, and review problems that arose along the way.

    Another big difference, according to Stephane, is the blur between work and personal life. It’s unprofessional to share too many personal details with a colleague in the West. There is compartmentalization of the people you work with, ‘they are not your friends, they are your co-workers.’ Not so in China. Employees are willing to work overtime and answer calls during weekends, in fact, it’s expected. Friendships extend beyond courtesy. When the people at Enwise ask, ‘how are you?’ They want to know because they genuinely care about each other.

    Other than watching his company grow, Stephane said working with Enwise’s team has been the most rewarding part of entrepreneurship. From an outsider’s perspective, their interactions with each other are akin to old friends, rather than employees working for an employer. There is a palpable comfort and familiarity between everyone. They talk about their personal life at lunch, laugh at each other’s jokes, and enjoy each other’s company. Their shared faith in Enwise’s technology and sense of kinship is a powerful adhesive that drives the startup forward.

    Not to say that Enwise has not encountered its share of challenges. Three years ago, the investment arm of a French multinational approached Enwise about equity financing. They believed in the technology and wanted to get involved, even flying to China to conduct due diligence. However, they pulled out after a year of diligence because they thought that capital expenditure was high, the market wasn’t ready, and the company was too early.

    Stephane and Zhuoya were the only employees of the company then. Stephane said, the best part of having your spouse as your business partner is the unconditional support that extends from home to work. While one partner found themselves down, the other was able to act as emotional support. At the end of the day, husband-and-wife didn’t let disappointment stop them from moving forward.

    Eventually, venture capital fund CM Ventures stepped in to provide financing. Its managing partner Patrick Berbon attended Stephane’s college and the two met at an alumni event in Shanghai. Berbon had faith in the company’s intellectual property and respected the couple’s resilience.
    When the previous VC pulled out, the old adage repeated itself–when one door closes, another door opens. Berbon stepped in. The previous investor’s positive feedback reassured CM Ventures, plus, Berbon was willing to grow with ENWISE from its early stage.
    Now, Stephane anticipates industry tailwinds. Companies around the world are limiting their environmental footprint. Enwise is in a perfect position to reap the rewards of this change.
    “As [companies’] boards make ‘green’ a focus, more companies will come looking to work with us.”
    To take full advantage of this tailwind, two things need to be done: 1) educating people on Enwise’s technology, and 2) timely execution of projects to meet their clients’ needs.
    Disposable utensils are in Enwise’s future. Scaling a biomass company is challenging because it is difficult to obtain the source materials necessary to initiate the energy conversion process. This is the reason why biomass only occupies a small fraction of the renewable energy industry. Stephane believes the future is in biochemistry, specifically, bioplastics.
    Enwise is positioning itself to take advantage of the upcoming world-wide move away from petrol based into green utensils. Stephane has started piloting R&D on adapting OSCAR to recycle used utensils and converting it back into a clean, low cost, environmentally friendly energy source.

    ENWISE shortlisted in UNIDO Global Call 2021

    The The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has hosted UNIDO Global Call 2021 seeks to identify and promote innovative solutions in cleantech and sustainable land management, to address the adverse effects of climate change and ultimately contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic development. The call focused on technologies from four different categories, each vital for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

    Overview of 2021 UNIDO Global Call:

    🔹 294 candidates from the private sector

    🔹 from 71 countries on 6 continents

    🔹including 35 % women-led businesseshave applied for the Global Call for Innovative Solutions in Cleantech and Sustainable Land Management!

    UNIDO has shortlised ENWISE for its Global Call 2021 in the category "Solutions for Clean and Efficient Energy Generation and Storage".

    ENWISE is very honored to receive this distinction from UNIDO. This is the result of the dedication of ENWISE team, the support of our partners and the commitment of our customers for sustainability.Together we make clean and affordable energy a reality.

    We cordially invite you to the livestream of the official award ceremony of the UNIDO Global Call for Innovative Solutions in Cleantech and Sustainable Land Management. The ceremony, celebrating the best innovators from 300 applications worldwide, will be hosted in the Remscheid's Teo Otto Theater and will be broadcasted worldwi de via livestream.

    Enwise showed up in the video from 48:00 in the Award Ceremony.

    To learn more about UNIDO Global Call, visit their website: https://www.unido.org/global-call-itpos

    La French Tech Report:

    Clean, Tech, Affordable

    La French Tech China (Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen/Hong-Kong) has held Next Tech China, a flagship event from October 11th to 15th. Enwise is very honored to be invited to participate in the Green Tech session on Oct 15th and launched its new company video: clean, tech, affordable: the future of green china at the event.

    "French tech" is a governement-initiated movement to help French starups on their way to success. Its mission is to provide an enviormenet and framework for the creation and development of innovative French startups and to help them shine on the international stage. In the first half of 2021, French start-ups have received a total of 400 investments with an amount of up to 4.73 billions euros. Compared with last year, volume has increased by 74%, and the number of projects invested increased by 24%.

    La French Tech have the support of our President, Emmanuel Macron, for the project Next Tech China.

    The French ambassador to China, Mr. Laurent Bili, also said:

    "Next Tech China is an exceptional opportunity for some of France’s most promising startups to deepen their knowledge of the Chinese market. It will also be a major event to enhance the visibility of French innovative companies in China.”

    Next Tech China is a multiplex e-learning expedition organized by La French Tech China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen) in collaboration with the French Embassy in China and General Consulates.

    Enwise is honored to be the memember of la French Tech and involved in the Next Tech China program to develop our buisness worldwide. The new company video expresss our mission: to provide clean and affordable energy through our technology.

    We are glad to share with you the latest video below just on live!

    Enwise, winner of  YGT 2021 Final

    Over 4 continents, 18 countries and 34 cities participants have registered in this year Young Green Tech(YGT) competition. Due to travel restrictions, this year’s YGT final competition was held online. The 20 finalists were divided into three online groups based on their time zones: Chinese group, American group, and European group. The three days of presentation was filled with joy and inspiration, and here’s the much anticipated result: Congratulations to our YGT 2021 Winners! Two of the YGT 2021 Winners are based in the new energy sector: Eloisa de Castro from Enerpoly and Stéphane Vernède from Enwise. Stéphane Vernède’s Enwise is a clean energy company that uses dry anaerobic digestion technology to break down organic waste and convert it into biogas, a clean energy source. Enwise has been established almost a decade and is a mature and successful company with sales of 9 million RMB in 2020. Stéphane Vernède has been CEO of Enwise since 2011. He has a distinguished academic background, having received his PhD in Materials Science from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Eloisa de Castro works in Enerpoly, a Swedish company founded in 2018 that has developed cost-efficient, safe and rechargeable zinc-ion battery technology; Enerpoly's battery technology is certainly promising in the growing momentum of the electric vehicle market. Eloisa joined Enerpoly as CEO in 2020 after a decade of solid and extensive industry experience: she served as Director of Marketing Operations at Modern Energy, as CTO at Hoplite Power, and as a researcher at the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity at MIT. Eloisa's strong academic background is an advantage, as she holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from INSEAD.

    Congratulations to the other winners in YGT 2021 finals! It is an honor for Enwise to receive the winner award from so many brilliant entrepreneurs joining YGT 2021. We are excited to work with YGT Alumni in further developing together, promoting sustainability and saving the world one step at a time. We are looking forward to see more entrepreneurs alike joining the community in the future.

    YGT Official website: younggreentech.net

    Enwise won the "Winning Prize" in

    HICOOL global entrepreneur start-up competition!

    The HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Competition has launched since June 10. In all, 4,018 startups from 84 countries and regions worldwide applied during the enrollment period. Upon online preliminary evaluation.

    After 3 months several rounds’ roadshows and elimination semi-final and finals, on September 11th, HICOOL held the final competition in Beijing and announced the final winners of the competition.

    Enwise, with its "clean and affordable energy solution" has won the “winning prize” and 200K RMB as award in the competition!

    The founder of Sequoia Capital Shen Nanpeng, the founder of Innovation Workshop Li Kaifu presented awards to the winning projects of the HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Competition.

    HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurs Summit has explored and formed an innovative model for introducing high-quality entrepreneurial projects under the new situation through the five core sections of "competition, discussion, exhibition, investment, and show", and has formed a wide range of influence among overseas entrepreneurial circles and investors . Innovation and entrepreneurship are the source of vitality for economic development and the key driving force for economic and social development.

    In 2020, despite the global macroeconomic weakness, China's GDP still achieved a growth of 2.3%, becoming the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth. In 2021, combined with the visible changes in the global economy and innovation development in the post-epidemic era, the HICOOL2021 Global Entrepreneurs Summit will firmly grasp the opportunities of the "two regions" construction, and fully promote the realization of the strategic goal of Beijing 2025 to build an international science and technology innovation center, and innovative services , Improve the chain, meet new challenges, continue to optimize the innovation and entrepreneurial ecology, build a new development pattern of open and win-win Beijing, and create a talent event with global influence.

    Enwise would like to thank HICOOL for providing this great opportunity to share with all the others our clean technology solution, and also thank to Enwise customers for their consistent trust and support to us, and thank whole Enwise team for their continous innovation improvement to make it came in real!

    How the Long Play Works in Venture Capital: The story of Enwise

    Original article written and posted on CM Venture website, click here

    Enwise is glad to share an article recently written by Dr. Patrick Berbon, Managing Partner of CM Venture Capital. CM Venture Capital is the angel investor of Enwise, herewith the article:

    The venture capitalist’s eye is always on a distant and uncertain future. Many of the now-famous VC-backed companies, such as Google, Tesla, and Starbucks, might be described as “overnight successes ten years in the making.” To the outside observer, they came out of nowhere and suddenly dominated an industry. But to VC insiders, they grew slowly but deliberately, making good decisions after good decisions, on technology, on market entry, on team building, etc… When an investment is a success, it is satisfying to look back and consider how it all came together.

    As VCs, we constantly ask “What if?” questions. We observe the world, we identify things that could be done better, and we chase companies that make the better ways into realities. Mostly, the answers lie far in the future. We must make decisions with partial data and anticipate the future. Identifying a startup with an intriguing vision is just the beginning: There are relationships to build, technologies to polish, markets to identify, customers to convince, timing considerations, and often waiting for markets to develop, to move away from the incumbent less-desirable solution.

    To illustrate how these factors play out in real life, I offer the example of Enwise, the world leader in onsite generation of energy from organic waste and one of our portfolio companies. It’s a story of entrepreneurial vision and perseverance, of relationship-building, of timing, and of market forces moving in an even more advantageous direction than originally expected.

    Based in Shanghai, Enwise produces clean and affordable energy by converting organic waste byproducts into biogas, which can be used to generate electricity, heat, or whatever form of energy most useful to the customer.

    One of Enwise’s key innovations is that the energy is produced on-site rather than at a central location. For example, Enwise has a contract with a world-leading maker of potato chips. Sludge, rotten potatoes, and other byproducts of potato chip production are converted using Enwise’s unique dry fermentation technology. The Enwise equipment produces 20 percent of the entire factory’s energy needs. The digestor occupies about 120 square meters and is monitored and controlled remotely through the cloud.

    The Enwise process is cheaper than energy produced by wind or solar. Everything is on a short loop: Energy doesn’t have to be sent back through the grid, and the client is spared the cost of shipping waste to a central processing facility, avoiding waste processing fees as well. The produced energy comes completely free for the client. Instead, waste is turned into profits.

    With China and other nations making a big push for a carbon-neutral future, and major corporations following suit, the potential market for Enwise is much larger than we imagined when we first became acquainted with the company. Naturally, we’re delighted. But the roots of this win run deep and grew slowly.

    The Relationship

    I met Stéphane at an alumni meeting in France, and then connected in China in 2013 when Enwise was working on its first pilot project. I followed the project and discussed it informally with Stéphane and Zhuoya for several years, often when meeting at business events in Shanghai. Together we visited the first pilot plant in Haimen in 2016.

    The Idea

    The story goes back 10 years, when Dr. Stéphane Vernède, who grew up in France, was in Switzerland, employed in the aluminum industry and working on his Ph.D. at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. He became interested in fuel cells. His wife Zhuoya Li (李卓娅) is from China, and they decided to come to Jiangsu and launch their company. When their first effort at biogas technology didn’t work as hoped because of the costs associated with a large, centralized production facility, they stopped for a time. The second iteration of the company began when they realized they could do smaller, onsite energy production.

    The relationship: I met Stéphane at an alumni meeting in France, and then connected in China in 2013 when Enwise was working on its first pilot project. I followed the project and discussed it informally with Stéphane and Zhuoya for several years, often when meeting at business events in Shanghai. Together we visited the first pilot plant in Haimen in 2016.

    The Timing

    In any venture capital initiative, timing is critical. Investing too early means committing money to unproven concepts, and potentially running out of time and money before the company can succeed. Investing too late means missing out on potential returns as well as the opportunity to nurture the company during the key initial stages. The timing question is especially critical in the hard-tech space, where core research can take years to develop and prove, and the market can be slow to validate the newer better solution.

    Because of our background as scientists, my partner and I saw the potential in Enwise’s onsite dry fermentation technology. But it was quite some time before the technology and circumstances converged. Market conditions were changing in favor of environmentally responsible technologies. For example, Shanghai implemented new laws on waste sorting, especially the sorting of organic waste. Letting organic waste rot outside had always been a problem because of the terrible smell it generates. And sending organic waste to an incinerator is similar to trying to burn a watermelon: very energy consuming and clearly a bad idea! Around that time, Enwise landed a worldwide partnership agreement with a big waste-management company that had vetted the technology. In 2018, we knew the timing was right: CM Venture made its investment in Enwise.

    The Future

    Enwise currently has 12 employees and their equipment operates at eight locations in China. Through its work with large multinational corporations that have aggressive carbon-neutral goals, Enwise has the opportunity to expand globally. To prepare for that growth, there will be another fundraising round next year. It’s incredibly exciting to see how the company is positioned, all the more so knowing that the journey started years ago and hasn’t been rushed. We believe its future is very bright.

    In business, there is no such thing as a sure thing, and the extremely long play inherent in hard tech is perhaps the most daunting challenge of venture capital. When everything aligns, however, the long play is precisely what makes venture capital so rewarding and satisfying.

    To learn more about CM Venture, visit the official website: https://www.cmventure.net/

    Enwise Solution has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

    11 June 2021,Enwise has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label ! Enwise's clean energy solution has been added to the 1000Solutions portfolio and it is now published on Solar Impluse Foundation website.
    A big thanks to the Solar Impluse for this recognition, we share the same vision: to provide clean, efficient and modern technologies which can allow us to preserve our environment while also bringing economic prosperity and social well-being for all.

    Garbage collection, a global problem
    The garbage problem has always been the focus of the Solar Impulse Foundation, and we have also introduced a number of related solutions. The world produces more than 2 billion tons of garbage each year, while in China, 200 large and medium-sized cities alone generate more than 200 million tons of domestic garbage a year.
    The main problem with garbage is poor management on a global scale-at least 33% of the garbage produced by humans is landfilled or incinerated in the open. In low-income countries, this number may exceed 90%. Improper waste management not only causes economic and social consequences, but also has a great negative impact on the environment, including pollution of land, rivers and oceans, and climate change caused by the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to the World Bank report, solid waste produced 1.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, accounting for 5% of global emissions. In the food sector, which is closer to people's lives, 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away every year. According to the description of the Vox Climate Laboratory, if food waste is a country, it will be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the United States!

    Contribute to "carbon neutrality"
    Enwise focused on the research and development of organic waste processing technology in the food industry recently, our first food industry EPC project will be completed and put into operation in September this year. The project can process up to 30 tons/day of factory organic waste including sludge, waste potatoes, potato skins, kitchen waste, and convert them into clean electricity, which can replace about 21% of the factory's daily power consumption.

    China’s 2060 "carbon neutral" target has been put into place in 2021, Enwise believes in a great opprtunity in this carbon neutral market. In order to achieve this 2060 carbon neutral goal, China needs to produce 24,000 TWh of clean electricity and 19,000 TWh of clean fuel. The team of Enwise will do their best in improving its technology and be part of the carbon neutrality goal.

    Learn more about Solar Impluse Foundation

     Innovating for a Better World

    28 May 2021, Once a year, CCI FRANCE CHINE Shanghai organizes its Gala dinner, a unique occasion to meet the Elites from the French and Chinese business community in the most exclusive atmosphere.

    In 2021, CCI decided to put awareness on "Innovating for a Better World".

    This edition brought together up to 800 people from all industries within the French and Chinese business community, in presence of Officials, Executives and Media.Under the joint promotion of CCI, every breakthrough innovative technology launched by various companies of the Chamber of Commerce has driven the rapid progress of related industries, and its results have been transformed into actual productivity.

    Stéphane Vernède, the founder and CEO of ENWISE was honored to receive the "Sustainable Innovation Trophy" from CCI France. Enwise has developed a high efficiency dry AD system for generating affordable clean energy from organic waste. With this innovative solution, Enwise helps his customers to reduce significantly carbon emission to the earth.

    Biogas is a clean and renewable source of energy, generating zero net carbon dioxide emissions. OSCAR extracts methane from organic waste, releasing energy by combusting or oxidizing it into carbon dioxide. Methane is a very potent greenhouse gas, trapping over 20 times as much heat as carbon dioxide. As such, by producing biogas instead of letting the waste degrade in an open environment, we reduce direct methane emissions into the atmosphere. Enwise will always pay attention to the environmental protection of the earth, commit to sustainable development of innovative clean energy technology, and continue to innovate for a better world.

    A special environmental event in honor of Earth Day

    22 April 2021, Nowadays, the awareness of building a #sustainable economy is an urgency as well as a challenge for #large groups and #entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.

    Stéphane Vernède, CEO of ENWISE, was very pleased to be invited as one of four speakers to share ideas and chanllenges seens in waste management secotrs. We shared and discussed with participants the #challenges and opportunities in developing a #green and #responsible #economy, and what are our engagements and how we think about the #evolution of a sustainable development in their sectors.

    A big thanks to our speakers, and all the participants who came to this Green Club Event.

    Enwise won the 3rd place in 

    China Sihong "Great Lake Talent Cup" Startup competition 

    26th October 2020, China Sihong "Great Lake Talent Cup" 2020 Startup Competition Finals and Investment Environment Briefing Meeting was held in Sihong County, 15 startup talents from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hefei and other places take the stage to promote their own entrepreneurial projects, involving medical technology, solar energy, cloud control intelligence and other fields. During the event, Secretary of the County Party Committee Li Aihua gave a cordial speech and welcomed the arrival of the 15 contestants. Li Aihua said that talents are the first resource and innovation is the first driving force.

    In order to attract a group of technological enterprises that are in line with the industrial positioning and development of Sihong County to settle in Sihong, Sihong County Government launched China Sihong in June this year. In the "Great Lakes Talent Cup" semj finals competitions were set up in Shanghai, Hefei, Suzhou and other places.

    Two founders of Enwise, Dr. Stephane and Ms. Li Zhuoya, introduced the dry anaerobic fermentation technology and equipment use cases to the juries during the final (photos on the right.). Sihong County, as a large agricultural breeding county, can use this technology in the field of agricultural and animal husbandry to realize the reuse of resources such as animal manure and agricultural waste, and create considerable economic benefits of green energy. At the same time, Enwise technology can also provide full-process solutions for food organic by-products for large food processing companies such as the food processing industry.

    After more than 3 hours of roadshow, Enwise won the third prize of the "Great Lakes Cup of Excellence" 2020 Startup Competition. And won the honorary trophy and 2 millions RMB from Sihong governement venture capital fund.

    Enwise appreciates a lot the Sihong County Government for the various investment and subvention policies and look forward to creating the future and win-win business opportunities with Sihong County!

    Cleantech Group Names Enwise a 2020 APAC 25 Company
    2020 List Identifies Leading Private Clean Technology Companies in Asia Pacific 

    16 September 2020, ENWISE has just been included in the 2020 APAC 25 list produced by Cleantech Group, a global provider of research, consulting and events to catalyze opportunities in sustainable innovation.
    The APAC 25 is a list of independent companies from the Asia Pacific region engaged in sustainable innovation that are viewed by the market as likely to have significant impact in a five-to-ten-year time frame.
    Cleantech Group put together the third annual list of 25 companies through a combination of APAC-related inputs from the annual Global Cleantech 100 process and detailed contributions from an APAC 25 expert panel. The companies on the list had the strongest patterns of agreement across all the input points and were scored the highest.
    “We see increasing demand on the environmental protection worldwide, in Asia we see the innovation on the waste disposal technologies as well as the way how people treat the waste. From the traditional landfill or incineration solutions, more voices came out seeking for “cleantech” which reduces the negative environment impact to the world and create clean energy to the social communities.,” said Stephane, CEO of Enwise.
    Members of the APAC 25 expert panel play an important role in creating the list. Each provides between three and nine nominations, no more than a third of which can be portfolio companies (in the case of investors). Expert panelists can weight their nominations, and all nominations are blind (no expert sees the other panelists’ nominations). These nominations are then combined with the outcomes from the Global Cleantech 100 process, which benefits from thousands of data points.
    The third annual APAC 25 list is made possible by the continuing support of ADB Ventures and Enterprise Singapore .
    “The Asia Pacific region will dominate some of the new industries and supply chains that will emerge from global mega-trends such as alternative proteins, electrification and new mobility, to name but three,” said Richard Youngman, CEO of Cleantech Group. “ It will also be a leader in digitalization, given its weight of population and the size of its industrial base. Both dynamics are borne out in our third annual APAC 25 list of rising star innovation companies from around the region.”​

    ​The complete list of APAC 25 expert panel members is available at https://i3connect.com/apac25/panelist

    Enwise has won the 3rd prize in China Innovation competition

    07 September, 2020, Enwise has participated in China innoation final competition held in Shanghai Sihang Storehouse. The two founders of Enwise, Dr. Stephane Vernede and Ms. Li Zhuoya, introduced the innovation project from Enwise"Light up your city with organic waste" to the judges. Enwise provides its core dry anaerobic fermentation process, through dry anaerobic fermentation, the biogas produced during the treatment process can be flexibly converted into electricity, hot water and other renewable energy. This green organic waste treatment solution can generate renewable energy which received high scores in the score session.

    New market, new vision

    From August 13th to 15th, 2020, the 21st China Environment Expo (IE Expo) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the most influential and highest quality environmental technology exchange event in Asia, Enwise presented its dry anaerobic digestion equipment to the exhibition to the visitors. This small containerized dry anaerobic equipment has received extensive attention and recognition from professional audiences during the exhibition.

    This year's World Expo has had many twists and turns. Due to the COVID19 situation at the beginning of the year, the exhibition date of the World Expo has been rescheduled twice. From July 1st 2019, Shanghai has officially implemented the National Waste Classification Regulations, a lot of wet waste treatment equipment for waste reduction and resource utilization have poped up in this market. This year, there were more than 30 food waste treatment equipment manufacturers participated in this exhibition.

    However, the industry has not yet formed a mainstream process route, and other technical routes different from mainstream aerobic composting equipment have gradually attracted the attention of professional audiences. Enwise has started to process kitchen waste on site since 2016, and flexibly use different energy output solutions (hot water, electricity, biogas) through multiple project sites such as commercial shopping malls, corporate canteens, and technology park restaurants to help customers to create green energy in their sites.

    In fact, not only the municipal waste, the agricultural waste such as animals manure, agricultural straw and other agricultural solid waste produced in the agricultural market has huge demands of on-site processing technology. From September 1, 2020, the newly revised "Solid Waste Law" will be officially implemented, clarifying that the prevention and control of solid waste pollution will adhere to the principles of reduction, recycling and harmlessness. Improve the prevention and control system of agricultural solid waste and other environmental pollution.

    At the same time, Enwise found that the food industry has also strong demand for on-site solid waste reduction and renewable energy. Enwise has received some customers from the food processing industry during the exhibition, they are also looking for new turn-key solutions for their waste such as organic by-products, sludge and food waste. Enwise can help companies reduce transportation and disposal costs, and provide flexible renewable energy supply devices. From the perspective of sustainable development, it has been favored by many Chinese and foreign food processing companies.

    Flames on the kitchen stoves powered by biogas

    On July 31, 2020, a world leading computer chip manufacturing company located in Shanghai's Zizhu High-tech Zone, recently officially launched anaerobic digestor provided by Enwise. This equipment can process 500 kg of food waste per day in their staff canteen, by reducing 90% of volume on-site, and at the same time generating biogas and providing this biogas to the kitchen stove through gas mixing device with natural gas. With this small digestor, Enwise can help also to produce 1500 tons of hot water per year for back kitchen usage. The biogas energy generated by the equipment saves 1/3 of the natural gas demand in the corporate canteen, and reduces carbon emissions by 550kg/ton, which is a remarkable contribution to the sustainable development of the enterprise and the park.

    Green Future, Green Shanghai

    In June 2020, Enwise newly operated an food waste processing equipment in NeoBay Science and Technology Park in Minhang District, Shanghai. This compact organic waste treatment equipment can process up to 500kg/day of food waste from the cantines in the technical park. The land usage of the equipment only requires 2 parking lot (around 30m2) and food waste will be reduced by 90% on site and transform them into renewable energy - electricity. This small equipment could generate 120 kwh of electricity every day for park lighting supply and new energy vehicle charging. With this efficient waste management solution, the park not only realizes the conversion of organic waste into green energy, but also prevents wet waste from leaving the community or the park, avoiding the consumption of human, material and financial resources for long-distance transportation and transit.

    From July 1 last year, Shanghai officially entered the era of national waste sorting. After the rubbish is sorted, things with recycling value will no longer be contaminated by wet garbage, the cost of incineration of dry garbage is reduced, and wet garbage can be made into fertilizer, biogas, etc. Wet waste treatment is endowed with new connotation and mission, and brings new technological progress and development space. Industry experts pointed out that in order to achieve long-term sustainable development of wet waste resource treatment, a complete industrial chain must be formed.
    Faced with the increasing amount of wet garbage disposal, the Shanghai Municipal Government put forward constructive guidance on “wet garbage should not go out of villages, towns and districts as much as possible” to promote the joint efforts of the government, enterprises, markets and residents to cope with the increasing Increasing demand for waste disposal and urban environmental protection.
    The organic waste management solution provided by Enwise is flexible and can be customized into different processing capacities and module embedding modes according to different application environments, garbage station scale, cost requirements, etc. There is a compact small module combination type that is convenient for transportation and installation, and a onsite construction type that can be filled with concrete structures on site. Each community or park can customize disposal equipment of different specifications according to needs.

    Future innovation and Integration

    On June 23, 2020, Nanjing Paris Partners Innovation Cooperation and the Third China-France Innovation Development Conference was held in Jiangning Development Zone. Beech Energy, as the first batch of members of the China-French (Nanjing) Enterprise Club, was invited to attend the conference and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

    The theme of the conference is "Embrace the Future".

    During this special COVID-19 period, the conference has decided to the "cloud up + offline" dual line mode to cross the time and space restrictions of China and France, from the expression of high-level macro thinking, to the communication at specific levels of industry and culture, to the collision communication between the two sides for specific industrial economic projects, and The signing ceremony of specific cooperation has become a good start for Sino-French cooperation in the post-epidemic era.
    The conference also carried out a series of important cooperation and projects "sign on the cloud" including Park cooperation signing, Innovation platform contract. The conference signed partnership agreement contract with Enwise to roll-out waste management project in Nanjing.
    At the same time, as a French founder's start-up company, Enwise has been invited to become the first batch of members of the Chinese-French (Nanjing) Enterprise Club, to deepen the cultural identity and appreciation between China and France, and promote the innovation mechanism between China and France. The exchanges in this area will further explore the prospects and opportunities for cooperation between China and France, and lay a solid foundation for further cooperation between China and France in Nanjing.
    (The picture on the above shows the opening ceremony of the China-French (Nanjing) Enterprise Club,
    And the first president of the club Saint-Gobain Group Senior Vice President and CEO of Asia Pacific Javier Gimenno was awarded the presidential letter of appointment. Ms. Li Zhuoya, Co-founder of Enwise, on the top left of the list of members)

    DECISIVE Project - Innovative Valorisation of Urban Biowaste

    The container is planted in the middle of fields and greenhouses. Inside, machines are connected to a 5m3 stainless steel tank, a "kind of big cow stomach", explains Alain Grenet, in charge of engineering and development at the Public Center for Training and Promotion of Horticulture (CFPH) Ecully, on the outskirts of Lyon, which includes a professional high school and an organic urban farm. The metal beast is in fact a micro-methanizer born from the Decisive project, an unprecedented experiment in the management of urban bio-waste.This miniaturized methane production plant is associated with a "vertical farm" where vegetables grow in hydroponics (above-ground cultivation technique supplied with a liquid solution).

    Proximity is the basis of the Decisive project, which is attached to a radius of 2 km maximum within the perimeter of the metropolis. The objective: to limit imports of foodstuffs and exports of waste, to relocate on the scale of the district, the agglomeration. The conventional treatment of waste, which gives them little value, has become more widespread because "it is the only way for it to be profitable", underlines Alain Grenet. The micro-methanizer installed on the CFPH site produces too little gas for it to be possible to re-inject it into the collective network - the cost of the station required for the interface would be too high for a small structure. "But it's interesting to work on this question of autonomy: with direct treatment by a small unit on site, we lower the carbon impact of a site."

    Ultimately, the Decisive container could be installed in the basement of a building, the basement of a factory, a supermarket ... This would prevent organic waste from traveling miles to be recycled or, while they are made up largely of water, ending up incinerated, as is the case in the metropolis of Lyon for those of individuals.

    "We manage your waste!"

    "New Challenge, New Opportunity" , a smart city solid waste management seminar has been jointly held by Suez NWS Group and Aden Group in Shanghai on 25 November. 2019. The seminar has invited representatives from municiap solid waste management policy development and regulatory, municipal research institute, and leading technology experts sharing their insights in solid waste management.

    Dr. Stephane Vernede, CEO of Enwise, as an industry expert in the solid waste treatment, was invited to attend this seminar and shared with the guests the latest generation of anaeorbic digestions equipement which is able to turn oragnic waste to energy.

    This footprint, plug&play waste mangement equipement, will turn organic waste into clean energy (hot/cold water, steam, electricity or biogas) through dry anaerobic digestion process. And client can gain 4% solid fertilizer with reduction of initial volume up to 96%. Enwise provides customized solid waste management solutions according to the difficulties and requirements encounted in various industries, from concept planning, professional on-site assessment to installation and operation support.

    Enwise won the championship!

    Enwise is Awarded First Place in Final of APAC French Founders Startup Tour 2019

    Enwise is delighted to have been awarded first place in the Final of the APAC French Founders Startup Tour 2019, in Hongkong.

    We, the founders, would like to thank the Enwise team & partners, along with the French Founders, jury members and to other competitors.

    Enwise will continue with the deployment of efficient organic recycling solutions, leveraging local operations and data insights in order to fullfil the company's vision of making biogas technology a commodity.

    See more here.

    Enwise had the great honor to launch our product OSCAR and sign several key agreement

    On July 6 2019, Enwise has launched new anaerobic digestion system OSCAR, and signed several key agreements with strategic partners during the product launch ceremony, including:
    - The integration of Enwise at the Lingang incubator at Baoshan District in Shanghai
    - A strategic cooperation agreement with Suez NWS
    - An investment agreement with CM venture
    - A strategic cooperation agreement with Guofu Hydrogen Energy

    ​Prestigious guests participated to the product launch: FAN Shaoju, Major of Baoshan; LU Jigang, Head of the commission of reform and development of Baoshan; SHI Yonggen, Head of the Landscaping and city appearance bureau of Baoshan, ZHANG Huibing, Head of the communist party of Gaojing town, LENG Weiwei, Vice major of Gaojing town, Francois JENNY Business line director, municipal and industrial waste, Suez Recycling and Recovery, ZHOU Min, General manager at CM venture, Patrick BERBON, Managing partner at CM venture, François AMMAN, Co-president and co-founder at Aden Services, Nicolas CLEMENT, Member of the Board, CCI France Chine, HUANG jing, Head of the Linggang municipal incubator, SU Qingguo, Vice Head of the Linggang municipal incubator, WANG Kai, Director of Guofu hydrogen, GUO Guangming, Vice head of commercial bureau of Haimen city.

    China is entering the era of waste sorting and the need for organic waste processing is stronger as ever. With those strong partners, we offer a complete solution to this new challenge.

    We would like to thank all the participants to the ceremony, Enwise team, customers, partners, suppliers and friends for their support. We are building Enwise together.

    Enwise deploys efficient organic recycling solutions, leveraging local operations and data insights in order to fullfil the company's vision of making biogas technology a commodity.

    Auchan visit with École Polytechnique

    March 11 2019 - Enwise and Auchan partnered to host École Polytechnique for a site visit, to discover "The Future of Retail", including tour of Auchan's Waste Management services, provided by Enwise.

    Innovative Start Up - Shanghai International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

    Enwise has received the price for innovative start up from Shanghai Government during the 2017 Shanghai International Innovation and entrepreneurship Competition. This award recognises the most innovative startups with operations in Shanghai.

    Shanghai International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is the largest annual contest for startups in Shanghai. Its gathers the best startup projects in the city.