OSCAR is a dry anaerobic digestion system that transforms organic waste into energy and fertilizer while maintaining a compact modular design.

It is installed on-site and locally processes organic waste as it is produced.  

OSCAR is customisable, based on the unique needs of each client.

System Overview

Energy Output

With Enwise technology, 1 ton of organic waste will turn into 40KG solid fertilizer, reduce 96% of its volume
The biogas generated while processing organic waste can be applied to:

OTTO Service

OTTO: OSCAR’s remote management and control system. It provides real-time visualization of KPI, allowing for continuous performance optimization.

Dry Digestion Technology 



Rapidly Deployed 

OTTO IoT Technology

Remote Operation & Monitoring 

Measurable & Transparent Results 

Seamless Operations

Continuous Improvements 

      Technological Improvements

        Designed around Data    

           Evolving with Data

Sustainable Development

Enwise cares about sustainable development for their clients, by using Enwise technology, we contribute:

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