Case Studies 


Enwise participated in the DECISIVE project aims at developing an eco-designed, micro-scale anaerobic digestion treatment process with the objective to propose a local, inexpensive, flexibile and easy-to manage treatment option for urban bio-waste.

The first project rolled out in urbain area close to Lyon, France, the equipment produces electiricity and oragnic fertilizer whiling process food waste from lyon restaurant.

Clean bio-waste collected at the source with as little impurities as possible, and the need to identify a recovery route for the liquid fraction of the digestate prior to set the micro-AD unit.

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Enwise provides a food waste processing system, that can digest its employee's cantine (around 3,000 employees) food waste to biogas, the biogas produced to mix with natural gas for center kitchen cooking usage.

The project saves 43m3 of natural gas a day which presents a 21.5% of the canteen gas consumption. No modifications of the cooking appliances are required for the project.



Auchan China commits to environment with OSCAR and reduces by waste production by 85%.

The supermarket's organic waste is directly transformed into energy and fertilizer, on site.


Energy is directly used by the supermarket in the form of hot water. Fertiliser is supplied to partner farms.




Neobay China is a high-tech industrial park that have multiple cantines in the park, thus the food waste becomes a resource with Oscar anaeorobic digestion system. We reduce on-site food waste and transform them into electricity.

The electricity produced is at 260kwh/ton, and this energy can be used as new energy vehicles electricity charging or electricity usage within technical park.



Doehler choose Enwise as partner, because Enwise's technology is sound and solid, and furtherly is also the flexibility of the team itself, on adapting the technology and processes on different raw material streams. 

Doehler started with one project in the facility south of Shanghai, there we process grains for example oat extract or other grain based extract and we have spent grains basically in the waste stream, Enwise and Dohler developed process together to adapt the waste stream into energy for the facility itself.