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Documentary of Enwise on TV5Monde

"Les pionniers de l'empire du milieu" released on Jan 16th 2024

TV5 Monde is a French public TV station with a global reach, covering Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asisa Pacific, Oceania, USA, Latin America and the Carbbean.

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To celebrate the 60th anniversary of China-France bilateral relations, the 10-episode documentarg features French entrepreneurs in China, directed by Li Qi. Succeeding thanks to their innovative projects in industry, hospitality, health, finance, architecture, tourism, IT, wine, technology and communication. We discover the interwoven portraits of thirty French entrepreneurs who decided to set up business in China.

Enwise is beging featured in the first episode,“Industry/Eco-innovation”. It tells story about Enwise founders Stéphane Vernède and Zhuoya Li, who are committed to the principle of eco-innovation. The investor of Enwise, CM Venture has been featured in this documentary as well, in the episode 4 “Finance”.

Staty tuned to watch the documentary on TV5Monde on Jan 16th 2024, CET 12:28, click the link