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ENWISE in Shanghai Carbon Neutrality Expo

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ENWISE builds micro energy plants for food factories, by transforming organic waste into bioenergy to supplement as much as 30% of daily operational needs. PepsiCo China's Wuhan factory (LAYS potato chips) is using this innovative system by using its unused potato peels to help offset its energy needs and earn carbon credits.

✅ Sengong develops its own world-class and affordable PVA materials used in laundry pods, but also used as reusable packaging glue strips. They’ve also developed reusable PVA courier packaging that can be dissolved in 100˚C water – so worn-out courier packaging can be returned, dissolved and remade into new packaging.

Econic Technologies Ltd’s CO2-infused carbon samples are also present for visitors to better understand the revolutionary material. Not only does it make use of captured waste carbon effectively, it also makes the final material more durable than ever.