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PepsiCo Wuhan factory phase 2

Enwise is very honored to share our latest project implemented in PepsiCo Wuhan factory. This is a phase 2 project focusing on biogas upgrading from Enwise's existing bioenergy station at Wuhan factory, we purified the biogas into renewable biomethane. According to the first tier of Shanghai's residential gas charging standard, the biomethane produced can supply up to 1,500 households daily gas usage.

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The organic waste from Wuhan factory mainly includes sludge from waste water system, potato peelings, rotten potatoes etc.
In 2022, Enwise delivered PepsiCo biogas phase 1 project which process 30 tons per day of organic waste (includes 10 tons of potato peelings and rotten potatoes), the bioenergy station can generate about 4000KWH per day of renewable electricity to supply factory facilities.

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After completion of phase 2 project this year, Enwise bioenergy station can process 36 tons of organic waste , which can produce about 1500m3 of green biomethane every day.

All organic waste in PepsiCo Wuhan factory are well collected and classified, achieving 100% recycling (inside and outside the factory), of which more than 50% is recycled through Enwise bioenergy station operating in the Wuhan factory.

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