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Xufuji is a leading manufacturer and distributor of confectionery products in China, which has been acquired by Nestlé. Enwise provides an integrated biogas monitoring system in Xufuji factory, located in Dongguan, China. This biogas system helps Xufuji to track and measure the biogas flow generated from their waste water system.

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With Enwise IOT system, the Xufuji factory could track the fluctuation of biogas generation in different seasons, as well as the energy potential from their factory byproducts.

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Nestlé has been present in China for over twenty years and today operates 23 factories, two R&D Centres and employs 14,000 people. Main Nestlé brands in China include Nescafé, Nan and Maggi as well as local brands such as Totole, Haoji and Dashan. Nestlé has established several technical assistance initiatives for milk and coffee farmers in China. For example, Nestlé buys fresh milk from thousands of farmers and assists them in increasing the quality, quantity and efficiency of their production. In Yunnan province, Nestlé has been encouraging and supporting coffee cultivation for almost twenty years and providing local farmers with direct training on planting, quality control and processing techniques.