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Oatly, a world leading oat-based products company who offers a variety of oat products from milk to ice cream. They are a sustainability company, and aim to drive a systemic shift in society—in the ways people eat, food is produced, and the planet is treated—where people can make small changes, like switching to plant-based foods, that improve their lives and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. These small actions can be multiplied to create a plant-based movement.

Enwise, a renewable energy technology company who helps companies to achieve their sustainable goals. We empower our customers from the food industry to reach carbon neutrality. With them we study how waste can be turned into clean energy for the factory and provide the technology to reach their goals. This is a very fulfilling job, and we hope we can have a long-term impact for a sustainable industry.

That's why Oatly met Enwise, and we are now together for an exciting study to make Oatly's oat residue and sludges into renewable energy!

Click below video to discover more about the amazing things we do :)

OATLY has always been committed to reducing the burden on the earth. We are working with OATLY on converting oat residue and sludge into renewable energy for their factory. Our goal is to further reduce carbon footprint, moving toward tasty, nutritious and carbon neutral milk.

To learn more about Oatly's sustainable plan, visit their website: Oatly's sustainable plan