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PepsiCo currently operates an Enwise Bioenergy Station at PepsiCo’s Lay’s factory in Wuhan. This bioenergy plant processes 30 tons of sludge and potato peels daily, producing 4,000 kWh of green electricity. As a bonus, the process also outputs very high-quality fertilizer, which in turn can be used to grow more potatoes.

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Enwise’s dry anaerobic digestion technology processes organic waste on-site to generate clean, renewable energy.

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The compact on-site system also cuts out carbon emissions in a typical waste transfer chain. Food processing plants deploying Enwise’s green power plant enjoy a multitude of benefits including:

  • On-site space savings: 70% smaller operational footprint, compared to wet anaerobic digesters
  • High output: 100% more efficient than wet anaerobic digesters
  • Lean operations: no water required for processing, unlike wet anaerobic digesters
  • Energy efficient: 50% less heat & 60% less electricity required, compared to wet anaerobic digesters
  • Easy integration: fits into existing factory infrastructure on-site, simplifying logistics/waste management
  • 24/7 remote operations/supervision: no dedicated on-site team required
  • Real-time optimization: adapts to production fluctuations

As the most compact bio-energy system in its class, Enwise bioenergy plants are modular, scalable, easily integrated into the existing production process, accepts a wide spectrum of organic waste. Enwise’s focus is on customers in the food industry, providing food processing plants with a complete solution to turn organic waste into clean, usable bio-energy.