• Test your energy potential in waste
    • Measure energy output in WWP
    • Discover new zero carbon solutions
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    MINI OSCAR is a trial test package which includes biomethane potential test, organic fertilizer composting and fertilizer analysis.

    We measure the energy in your waste, produce organic fertilizer and quantify the fertilizer value for your organic waste.
    You will get:
    Comprehensive analysis report

    Artistic communication package


    • Generate clean energy on-site
    • Turn your waste into assets


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    OSCAR is a biodigester powered by Enwise core dry anaerobic technology. It is a unique combination of hardware and software.

    OSCAR reduces carbon footprint on-site by generating renewable and clean energy. And it reduces environmental pollution by processing virtually any solid organic waste.

    You will get:

    Customized high efficiency biodigester


    • Improve your process performance 
    • Build your knowledge base


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    OTTO is an AI driven IoT monitoring platform

    It realises remote operation and supervision via Enwise monitoring dashboard. Customers receive all predictive maintenance alert and can use the platform as a unique knowledge-base tool.

    You will get:
    Visualized 7/24 IoT monitoring platform
    KPI data: energy output, processed volume etc.


    We are racing to a healthier, resilient, zero carbon 

    world. To get there, we need quick and visible results by leveraging latent opportunities.

    Follow the pathway with Enwise, you can win the race!



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    Enwise receives growing request from food industy, where huge amounts of organic waste are generated everyday on site. With Enwise technology, these waste convert into clean and renewable electricity and replace 20% of current electricity consumption at plant. At the same time, it saves waste disposal fee that the factory originally had to pay.

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    Enwise processes food waste generated from a computer manufacturing employee canteen with a container size biodigester. Food waste go through dry anaerobic digestion then turn into renewable biogas, which replaces 22% of customer current gas consumption usage.


    Stay tuned with ENWISE

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    Faster, Stronger, Better

    ENWISE is incredibly honored to be a part of the PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator APAC, as one of the top 10 finalists selected in this program.

    The Greenhouse Accelerator APAC Sustainability Edition is designed to help startups in APAC region markets develop and bring their ideas to market.

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    Enwise won 2nd place in the first shanghai green technology innovation competition

    Enwise won the second prize of this competition with its market-leading high-efficiency renewable clean energy technology and a number of impressive use cases.PepsiCo has also been pioneer in food industry in the field of open innovation.

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    Searching for sustainability

    As the world works to hit increasingly tough climate targets by the endof the decade, the need for sustainability in all business practices has never been greater. That, of course, includes China – from where Juliet also speaks to Stéphane Vernède, CEO & Co-founder of Enwise, an award-winning Chinese tech start up helping in the race to net-zero by converting organic waste into clean energy.

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    Enwise selected as the East Asia Climate Tech 100

    Enwise has been selected as part of the 2022 East Asia Climate Tech 100, an annual list of the most promising Climate Tech startups from East Asia, including China, Japan, Korea & Taiwan. Startups like Enwise, now is playing a critical role of a global movement to deliver innovation across the Climate Tech landscape, building toward a more inclusive and sustainable future.


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    Enwise project with China State Grid

    The State Grid Zhejiang Lishui Jinyun Shuiguang Hydrogen demonstration project was put into operation. This project is the first rural ecological hydrogen energy demonstration project in China. Enwise provided the digestion module for a power to gas project. This project uses the biogas of digester produced to store clean electricity through a methanation process.


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    Champion of She Loves Tech

    The co-founder of Enwise, Zhuoya LI just won the She Loves Tech Champion in China - Mainland round! We are so excited to represent China - Mainland in the global stage and meet with fellow winners of the She Loves Tech 2022 Global Startup Competition.She Loves Tech(SLT) is a global platform that is committed to closing the funding gap for women entrepreneurs.SLT runs the world’s largest startup competition for women and technology.


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    We have Oatly inside!

    Oatly, a world leading oat-based products company who offers a variety of oat products from milk to ice cream. They are a sustainability company, and aim to drive a systemic shift in society—in the ways people eat, food is produced, and the planet is treated—where people can make small changes, like switching to plant-based foods, that improve their lives and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. These small actions can be multiplied to create a plant-based movement.


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    Science, Serendipity, and Bacterial Decomposition

    As YGT 2021 winner, Enwise had an one on one interview with YGT community and share the story of Enwise.
    The core technology behind ENWISE, a company he founded in 2012, uses bacterial decomposition to transform organic waste into fertilizer and methane that can be used to generate electricity. One man’s waste is another man’s intellectual property.


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    ENWISE shortlisted in UNIDO Global Call 2021

    The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has hosted UNIDO Global Call 2021 seeks to identify and promote innovative solutions in cleantech and sustainable land management, to address the adverse effects of climate change and ultimately contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic development. Enwise was honored to be shortlisted in the final global call in Cleantech and Sustainable Land Management sector.