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Enwise produces modular and connected organic waste digesters. 


 Our product OSCAR transforms waste into energy and fertilizer.


OSCAR is installed on waste production sites and is entirely remote managed.


By pushing waste treatment on production sites we allow "on-the-fly" sorting and create short loops for energy usage. This dramatically increases the overhaul recycling efficiency.


With OSCAR your waste becomes your resource.

Why Enwise?

Real time Visualization of KPI and Continuous Performance Optimization

  • Energy Production 

  • Equipment Performance 

  • Amount of Waste Treated 

  • 24h/day Performance Monitoring 

  • Remote Management and Control 

  • Predictive Maintenance 

  • Return on Investment Performance 

  • Sites Performance Benchmark 

  • Best Practice Analysis 


"It (OSCAR) corresponds to a need in China in various areas... a need to recycle and reuse the garbage... since this technique is not yet known or mastered in China I think it has great potential"

François Blanc / French Agricultural Consular of Beijing