Enwise industrializes a short-loop carbon cycle to support customers zero-carbon goals


    Dry anaerobic digestion technology, this is all it begins.

    Enwise develops modular and connected organic waste digesters for food industries and food distribution chains. Through a dry anaerobic process, Enwise transforms organic waste into energy and fertilizer efficiently. Installed on-site for a closed-loop system to reduce carbon output, its digital AI system constantly supervises and adjust conditions to maximize its bioenergy output. Its systems are compact and one of the most energy-efficient systems in its class.

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    Enwise technology is built around data and evolves with data.

    With IoT technology, OTTO provides 24/7 monitoring platform with real-time KPI visualization including daily energy output, processing capacity, conversion rate etc. This AI driven platform operates and monitors Enwise equipment remotely. The customer has access to dashsboard while internally we monitor over 1000 control points for each equipment.

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    Enwise has its own manufacturing factory located in Shanghai, China. This factory allows us to turn all innovative ideas into real. All starts from metal and stainless steel plates and pipes, then they become into modules. Then modules assemble together to be a unit, units assemble together to be a solution, just like LEGOs.

    Enwise office is just next to the atelier, this is the most efficient way to monitor, adjust and follow up all projects under manufacturing. That's how we deliver our products at all speed with high quality.

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    Here we are at Enwise laboratory, where we measure and quantify waste into energy. The trial test is the first step to understand and measure the energy potential of our customers' waste. It is the roots of feasibility study to the industry scale project and provides solid data analysis to help customers to achieve zero carbon plan. From dry anaerobic digestion to fertilizer composition analysis, Enwise lab provides a package of different test options that meet customer needs.

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