Test your energy potential in waste
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    Trial dry anaerobic digestion

    For all kinds of organic waste, ENWISE provides trial test of dry anaerobic digestion process. Through trial dry anaerobic digestion test, ENWISE helps its customers to evaluate the energy potential of converting their organic waste into renewable energy. It is the first step of feasibility study to the industry scale project and provides solid data analysis to help customers to achieve zero carbon plan.

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    Fast compositing test of digestate

    The digestate produced during the trial dry anaerobic digestion test is separated into solid digestate and liquid digestate by phase separation process. The solid digestate is then sent to a fast composting equipment for composting during a period of 20 days.The composted organic fertilizer feels dry and can be packed and stored. The agricultural economic value of solid organic fertilizer can be evaluated after the fast compositing test.

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    Fertilizer composition analysis

    The compsoted solid fertilizer can go through a series of composition analysis, including organic matter content, dry matter content, total nutrients, pH, germination index, mass fraction of mechanical impurities, etc. This helps to evaluate the economic value of the fertilzier and whether the fertilizer complies with national organic fertilizer standard "NY/T525-2021".

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    Gas composition analysis

    The waste water treatment system at customer's existing factory may also have great potential for renewable energy. Through ENWISE biogas flow and biogas composition analysis equipment, we help to estimate energy potential in factory, not only from WWT system but also to discover new zero carbon opportunities in the existing supply chain and operation process for customer.